What is a Relationship?

Sheena - sad girl

Sheena sat there thinking.

Why was her life such a mess?

She couldn’t keep a job. Her marriage was in shambles, and her friends seemed to avoid her.

And lately, she found it hard to avoid conflict.

What was she missing?

To her it was everybody else… 

But was it really?

Sheena never really learned how to build relationships because she never really spent a large amount of time at anyone’s house. Her parents never married and her dad spent some time away in jail. While he wasn’t in her life much she did stay at her paternal grandmother’s house often.

Her mom worked a lot to keep food on the table, so she never really formed a tight bond with her mom. In fact, Sheena was on a first name basis with her mother, Carol.

Carol tried hard to provide for her daughter, but things weren’t working as expected, so she went away to school to become an accountant. Meanwhile she left Sheena with her sister Anna and her husband, Jake. 

The journey with Aunt Anna and Jake went okay for awhile. But there were a couple times when Aunt Anna would curse at Jake and kick him out. She never understood why. But needless to say, Sheena never really saw a healthy marriage. 

And she never really forgave her mother for what she called abandoning her. 

And because of this, as a woman, Sheena never really understood who she was, her identity.

Let’s look at what Sheena is missing. First let’s start with the word “relationship.”

What is a Relationship?

The way in which two or more people are bonded, connected, or linked to one another. It involves a kinship or common reason for being involved in the relationship.

There are many types of relationships.

Some include: marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend, business, family, friendships, etc.

In most every relationship, both (or all) parties have some type of expectations. These expectations are what drive the relationships in a good way or a bad way.

When the expectations of the relationships differ conflict occurs. This is where compromise, communication, and care are required in order to work through the conflict.

Lately, Sheena had been dealing with a lot of conflict. With her husband, her kids, her friends, and even her other family members. 

There are a lot of things Sheena needs to fix, but she knew that her marriage was a top priority. Afterall, she had made a commitment to God and her husband. And she knew she wasn’t really doing her part.

But she didn’t know where to turn.

Who could help her to get from point A to point B in her marriage before it’s too late?

One of her friends mentioned hiring a marriage coach.

But did she need marriage coaching or counseling? Click here to find out the difference.