Relationship Missionaries Offer Professional Development Training and Team Building Workshops in the Following Areas:

  • Small Businesses
  • Corporations
  • Churches
  • Education 

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Here’s an example of what we can do for your business:

Fred is freaking out because his company is losing moneySales at Fred’s company, Megos Technology have dropped over the past two years.

Unfortunately, Fred’s sales force, (which has a high turnover rate), is disenchanted because they don’t know how to effectively promote their technology equipment to their potential clients.

When they do have meetings, whether it’s with a commercial, education, or government client, they often lose the opportunity for another meeting because they are unable to answer the basic questions about the specific products. 

The only person who is succeeding is sales is his brother, Ryan who has been with the company since it started many years ago.

With state-of-the-art technology, it should be a no-branier for Megos to dominate sales in their region.

But they’re not. Why?

Megos’ competition, Enchan is maximizing their business. They realize that it’s not necessarily the product, but the customer service they offer that helps them to succeed. 

Fred is aware that Enchan is taking some of his best customers, but he doesn’t want to take the time to train his new and incoming sales people. 

In addition, Fred is losing his current customers because either he nor his, assistant Rita, ever takes the time to return their calls. He takes for granted that his current customers can go to their website to reorder or have their questions answered about their products.

Furthermore, Fred, who is a baby boomer does not believe in offering his new employees formal training. For one, he’s not a very nice guy, so he doesn’t know how to teach them customer service. 

And while he doesn’t like to talk, he understands that he needs to communicate better with his sales force so their morale will be lifted. For these reasons, whenever Fred’s employees ask about training, he cuts them off and tells them that they should already know about the equipment. 

Fred is totally missing the boat!

Let Relationship Missionaries Become the Solution to Your Problem
Let Relationship Missionaries Become the Solution to Your Problem

But one day, in a moment of desperation, as he’s searching the web, he he notices and he visits the site, hoping that they may be a solution to his problem. 

Flustered, with a pounding heart, Fred picks up the phone to call While he never takes the blame for any of his company’s failures, he does tell them that he needs help. 

A representative from comes in to meet with Fred and Ryan. They come up with the initial plan of:

  • Fred and each staff member will receive a DISC assessment to find out their personality style and discover how to best work with and train them.
  • Ryan gets trained and equipped to effectively use the skills he has to train the current sales force on the current technology equipment and give the sales team an opportunity for Q & A as well as role play.
  • RelationshipMissionaries will conduct a monthly training on customer service with the sales force as well as Fred and his assistant to respond to potential and current customers.
  • On a quarterly basis, the company will conduct an assessment for their sales force on the new products, customer service techniques, and technology trends to monitor the growth of their employees.

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