Marriage and Adultery – Tina Campbell

One half of the singing duo, Mary, Mary, Tina Campbell shares what she did when she found out her husband, Teddy committed adultery. 

What do you think she did? Did she forgive him or did she become angry and make his life miserable?

“He would never do that…”

On your wedding day, it’s so easy to say something like this.

You’re in your beautiful wedding gown and your handsome husband seems perfect and above reproach. 

He loves you and thinks your beautiful and the woman of his dreams. He would never commit adultery, right?

But what happens when the newlywed stage is over, sex is well, blah, and your husband is getting on your last nerve?

You find yourself constantly asking him to do the same things over and over. (Of course he considers it nagging, but you just want him to take care of his responsibilities.)

You are frustrated and disappointed because you don’t feel like your husband delivered on what he said he would do when you took your wedding vows…at least to you he didn’t.

You begin to feel a distance. A gap, but things seem to be going okay, so you keep doing life as you always do.

You don’t notice the change in his demeanor and attitude. Nor do you notice how often he’s “working” or “hanging out with the boys” more often.

And sex…well. It’s no longer your priority.

And since your husband doesn’t seem to complain about it, he must be okay, right?

But what happens if a close and trusted friend calls and tells you, “Your husband cheated and I have proof!”

Would you deny it or become offended because someone accused your husband of cheating?

Would you allow thoughts to run through your mind?

Would you scroll through his phone to see who he’s been texting?

Would you go through his suit jackets looking for unfamiliar phone numbers, or some type of evidence.

Or would you confront your husband about it head on?

Then if you find out he did commit adultery, how would you handle it? 

Do you forgive and walk away from the marriage or should you forgive and try to work the marriage out?

And if you do forgive, how far would you go with forgiveness? 

Adultery can devastate a marriage and not only affect the husband and wife, but also the children involved, the finances, communication, intimacy, and the trust that once existed in the marriage relationship. 

Be careful not to judge people in their marriage because you never know what you might do unless you actually had to go through it yourself.