Keith - FamilyLife“Dexter and Tiffany share a deep passion for Jesus, God’s vision for marriage, and the individuals God entrusts to them.   They exhibit tremendous leadership skills as they lead our Williamsburg Weekend to Remember team – leading with both grace and diligence. They are both excellent communicators.   I would highly recommend them as both facilitators of marriage events and as marriage coaches.  They will both encourage and challenge you to step into the fullness of God’s plan for you in your life and marriage.”    

– Keith Tully, Ministry Representative for VA and NC, FamilyLife

“I had the privilege of hearing Dexter speak at our annual conference. He captivated the entire audience with not only his message but also his natural stage presence. Dexter went out of his way to personally connect with our clients and I would highly recommend him for future speaking engagements.” – Sarah O.

Mel Testamonial pic.“All marriages and significant relationships endure struggles and face challenge.” I love how passionate, transparent and honest Dexter and Tiffany are with sharing their personal, marital struggles and divine deliverance as a message of hope and love to strengthen others in their relationships. I find their fearless faith and obedience to God to be an inspiration and watching the work He is doing in and through their lives is a testament to God’s love, goodness, grace, and mercy. To Him be the glory!”  
– M. Holden, John Maxwell Team Founding Member


“Being in a marriage you sometimes get so caught up in the ‘we’ & lose the ‘you’. Marriage coaching has made me realize to be a better wife, I have to focus on my own growth & spiritual path. Tiffany taught me that the best way to help my husband grow is to pray for him & also helped me learn that I am a strong, successful mother & wife contrary to my sometime beliefs. Through all of this my marriage has risen to another level, learning a great new way of communication has brought my husband & I together in a way we would have never imaged! Now our ‘we’ is stronger than ever & it’s continually growing everyday! ”  -Trici B, Military Wife of 4 years