TBN Talk with Dexter & Tiffany on Marriage Relationships

Marriage relationships can become difficult to manage.

Dexter and Tiffany talk on TBN’s Praise the Lord about the marriage relationship, sex, and money.

As life coaches and speakers, they want to help married couples to grow in their relationship with one one another. They respond to a series of relationship questions that will encourage couples and would-be couples who watch this video.

Dexter and Tiffany are very candid about their own relationship. And they offer tips to other married couples and those who are engaged to be married. They also talk about their latest books on relationships.

Dexter and Tiffany talk about the vital role Jesus Christ plays in their lives. Tiffany shares the importance of a woman understanding her worth through Jesus Christ in order to become a good wife.

In addition, the guest singer on TBN is Kirk Franklin’s new protege, Christon Gray who sings a beautiful love song. Music can help a marriage if a couple is willing to open their hearts and surrender to the mood of the music.

What do you do when trials hit your marriage? Do you run, fight, or pray?

Hopefully, you do the latter, at least most of the time.

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