What Our Relationship Coaching Offers You

Help! What Can You Offer Me?

I'm Here to HelpThrough the Marriage and Relationship Coaching for Women (MRCW) Program we want to help promote a stronger connection and union between a woman and her husband.

We help our clients to analyze their marriage challenges and create realistic relationship goals in the areas of communication, finances, time management, sex, in-laws, and life-purpose.

We utilize a five-fold strategy to achieve this:

C Create = We create and utilize customized practical tips and relationship coaching tools to help clients discover their personality style.

OOffer = We offer methods for problem solving and practical solutions through a series of relationship coaching questions and weekly self-paced activities, based on the personality style.

AAnalyze = We help clients to identify, analyze, and troubleshoot problem areas in the marriage to create a strategic plan for helping to improve communication

C Communicate = We communicate strategies to improve choices and overall well-being of the marriage based on the needs and desires of the clients

HHelp = We help clients to create a more stable, healthier marriage environment through a series of customized relationship questions and relationship coaching tools

twentyAs a result, the client will create a 20-word purpose statement for their marriage to guide them and hold them accountable to reaching their relationship coaching goals for the marriage relationship.


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