Need a Marriage Coach?

Karen and Dave are trying to communicate, but without much success.

David wants to talk, but Karen is not receptive to what he’s trying to tell her. When David tries to talk to her about what’s hindering their communication, Karen becomes offended.

It’s a NAIL! Watch this video. 

Karen just wanted David to listen, but he’s tried to show her the reason for their lack of communication.

They try another way to communicate by kissing, but there’s still that hindrance: The Nail!

Does Karen and David’s situation remind you of your marriage?

Is communication almost non-existent in your marriage?

After watching this video, tell me what you think.

What should Karen do?

a) Let her husband fix her problem by letting him pull the nail out of her head? (Highly unlikely that she will let him do it!)

b) Try to pull the nail out herself. (But does she recognize the nail is there?)

c) Get a new husband, (But a new husband will probably try to pull it out just like David did!)

d) Find another unbiased, sensible female who can allow Karen to express her feelings and thoughts. Then ultimately, the female, also known as a marriage coach can help her to get unstuck and see the nail so she can lead her in helping her to get the nail out once and for all.

If you chose D, then you are right!

A marriage coach can help you to create a strategic plan for a stronger marriage.

Whether your nail is communication, sex, problems with in-laws, or you’re just feeling…stuck, you don’t need to be in this place anymore!

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