Do Marriages in Your Church Need a Revival?

Passionate CoupleDo you remember when you were single and dating the one you loved?

You anticipated marriage and you had great plans for the rest of your life.

When I dated my boyfriend — now husband I had a lot of ideas about how my marriage would turn out.

I thought life would be an endless slumber party filled with money, love, and laughter. And maybe your husband thought it would be days…and nights full of great sex.

You realized quickly you weren’t on the same page.

This is what happened with us. And while we now have a great marriage now my marriage relationship did not turn out as I thought it would when I was single.

On December 18, 1999 we married.

It was great. We were excited and we began learning more about one another.

But a few years passed, the honeymoon phase was over and reality set in! 

At that point, I realized a few things:

  • Everyday would not be perfect
  • My husband could not be my Savior
  • While he was my hero, he was still human and prone to making mistakes
  • There would be times where we were not on the same page emotionally…and that it would hurt!

Maybe your story is similar to mine. And I would dare say that some of the couples in your church also have expectations that weren’t met after they married.

Some have worked to overcome their disappointment, but some still haven’t gotten over the devastation of their unmet expectations.

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