Marriage Tips

Tips for the Wife:

  • Recognize that marriage is work and not a fairy tale. You need to work at it.
  • Have sex with your husband on a consistent basis…even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Schedule time for sex.
  • If things get “dry” in the bedroom, add a lubricant!
  • Give your husband time to settle down from work when he gets home before talking about your day.
  • Try a new hairstyle.
  • Try to look your best consistently, but especially when you are going out and when you want to talk about money, sex, the kids, etc. It may be easier to get what you want!
  • Refuse to nag your husband.

Tips for the Husband:

  • Give your wife non-sexual touches throughout the day. (ex. – kiss on the lips, neck or hand; hug, hold her hand, run your fingers through her hair, etc.)
  • Compliment her on her hair, nails, or clothes.
  • Find out her love language, (quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, or receiving gifts). Then communicate through her love language. (Not sure what the 5 love languages are? Click Here)
  • Find out what your wife likes, then give it to her…just because. (ex. – flowers, candy, a gift card, a card with a special note from you, etc.)
  • Take the kids to school.
  • Tell your wife you love her.
  • Love your wife even when she makes mistakes.

Tips for Couples

  • Take a break from social media for a few days or weeks so you can spend time with your spouse.
  • Read a book on marriage together.
  • Attend a marriage conference together. To learn about some great conferences, Click here.
  • Forgive each other on a consistent basis.
  • Connect with godly couples who are real about marriage, but still enjoying being married and love one another.
  • Have a date night at home.
  • Add music to your lovemaking.
  • Go out for a dessert date.
  • Sleep in late together.