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Cover for ReportAre You Struggling with Sex in Your Marriage? Is Adultery a Temptation for You? 

If So, Read This Excerpt:

Kristi and Daniel have a sexless marriage and Kristi doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.

But Daniel? That’s another story.

The couple had been married for a little over seven years, but Kristi’s been angry and frustrated for a while. Although they had purchased their four-bedroom dream home a year ago, she still felt discontent and empty within her marriage relationship.

She and Daniel sought counseling when she found out that Daniel was texting another woman.

Daniel thought counseling was a little extreme. It was only a few texts…

But he went to counseling anyway.

What Kristi hadn’t shared with Daniel is that she was sexually molested by an uncle as a child. This made her fearful, insecure, resentful, and angry with men.

After a series of counseling sessions, Kristi revealed this and it opened up Daniel’s understanding of why Kristi was so uncomfortable when they had sex. It also explained why she was so insecure in their relationship.

She often felt “dirty” after they had sex, and she hadn’t gotten over the pain from her past…

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