About This Book – Find Your Purpose


Let’s talk about this book…

What is your purpose?

It’s your “Why,” the reason you were born, what God created you to do on this earth.  

Woman of God, your relationship with God is so much more than a ticket to heaven.  You have a relationship with God so you can experience His love on a daily basis and communicate with Him – just like you would your husband, boyfriend, best friend (BFF), or even family member.  

Once you discover and operate in your purpose, you can then reach out to others to express the love He has for them.  Help, I’m Stuck is full of tips, suggestions, and action steps that will help you to start from point A to point B in pursuing your purpose.  

You can use the tips, techniques, and actions steps we’ll share with you in this book to get clear direction from God, walk in the right path, and ultimately discover your purpose once and for all!  

In this NEW discover your purpose book, we’ll cover how to avoid the mistakes that cause you to stay stuck in a place that makes you miserable, while at the same time helping you to avoid the costly mistakes most Christian women make. We’ll even show you how to become clear on what you are being called to do for Christ AND the specific strategies to let go of the weights that hold you back from discovering your purpose so you can do what God has called you to do once and for all! In fact, here’s just a sample of the pitfalls and landmines that can hinder you from discovering your purpose. We’ll help you avoid these issues in this incredible book:

  • How not recognizing or receiving God’s love in your daily life may be the biggest mistake of all!
  • Why deciding that you are just here to meander through life and take up space dooms you before you even get started.
  • The consequences of being afraid to deal with your past by not walking down the dark places in your life (hint: they aren’t good!).
  • Why it’s so critical that you believe God’s Word at all times, even when things don’t make sense.
  • How and why you must avoid being fearful in the face of opposition.
  • Why holding onto bitterness and resentment will kill your purpose before it even gets started.
  • How being prideful can backfire (and really bite you on the butt!).
  • Why it’s dangerous to remain ungrateful for what you currently have.
  • How not counting the cost or considering the consequences of your choices really hurts your chances of becoming successful.

And much, MUCH more! Don’t miss this ground-breaking book that will help you to discover your purpose and avoid the horrible traps that could paralyze you from doing so. It will also prevent you from wasting precious time so you can finally start with at least 10 specific ways to walk in your purpose. By the way, this book is NOT about focusing on the negative. It’s about focusing on your identity and helping you to get real results as you discover your purpose. So, if you’re a Christian woman who wants to avoid the mistakes that will cause you to miss out on your purpose and sabotage your ability to fulfill the call of God on your life, Click Here to grab your copy today!