How Did You Get Stuck?

Regardless of where you find yourself, you are a sum total of the decisions you have made over a period of time.

Choices: Sometimes we get caught into situations, relationships, and chaotic situations because of our choices.

“How did I get stuck?” 

“How did I get here?”

Have you ever been in a mess only to find yourself asking one of the above questions? Who should we blame?

Should we blame our friends, our spouse, our children, or the devil?

Where did the downturn begin and what caused you to stay so long in it?

I’ve learned that I can’t play the blame game. I must look at the person looking back at me in the mirror: Tiffany!

I have sinned, but I have in most cases learned to take responsibility. After all, nobody holds a gun to my head telling me to disobey God or do what I want to do.

If you have ever been there, join the club.

And I’m not just talking about BC (before Christ). I’m talking about after Christ, after having a relationship with Him.

Yesterday, I was thinking about my journey with Christ. If you’re fortunate to live a long life as a saint, (a believer in Jesus Christ), you will make many mistakes. And you will go further than you plan to go in some instances.

No matter how saved you are, you will have temptations to become complacent, to procrastinate, to give up, to gossip, to lie, etc.

The question, “How will you handle the temptations when they hit?”

I wish I could say that I overcame every temptation that hit me. But in these 20+ years of being saved, I have made mistakes, from cussing and calling on the name of Jesus in the same sentence, to procrastination. Often this procrastination led me to a place where I regretted.

While I’m not proud to admit these sins I recognize that they are not just mere mistakes but sins that have often led me to a place of being stuck. Fortunately, now that I am a more mature Christian, I have learned to catch myself before going down an endless spiral that can lead to me being stuck. 

I am able to respond to the Holy Spirit’s nudging when I’m going in the wrong direction. Most of the time I stop before going to far, but there have been times that I have found myself deeper in sin than I wanted to be.

The good thing is that regardless of how far you are or how long you’ve been stuck, it’s okay. God loves you.

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If you’re able to admit that you’ve been stuck in life, tell me how your journey went. Were you able to catch yourself or did you find yourself going down a path that led you to be stuck?