Does a Man Want Sex More Than His Wife?

Does a man really want sex more than his wife? 

Most people would reply yes. And I would agree.

But there are many reasons for this. 

For many women, sex is often not a priority in the marriage, although their husbands often crave it.

What can we do as women to desire sex more and give it more passionately to our husbands?

Or is it just a losing battle where the men will die wanting more sex, but never get it because we never learned how important and necessary it was to have a good fulfilling sex life within the marriage.

Tiffany offers a great solution to the problem women have with sex.

And it’s in a book called The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex by Sheila Gregorie.

For one, as women, we should enjoy sex! It’s not just for our husbands

This book details the physical, emotional, and biological responses to sex. And it explains why men often do want sex more than women.

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